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The Work We Do

Building projects, whatever their scale, can be a complex process. We work directly with you to identify problems before they occur and use our experience to guide our customers through each major decision. We want you have a good picture of the real costs and opportunities of each decision. Taking into consideration your timeline, budget, and final vision, Thomas Alexander Contracting Inc. gives you the information and support you’ll need. We are here to make your vision a reality.

We bring you into the process and make it fun for you to be a part of the decisions and planning, which is how it should be!

Design/Build Construction Management

  • Home Building & Renovations.
  • Budget Development & Scheduling.
  • Project Management.
  • Small Project Construction.
  • Heritage Restorations.

Thinking Green

Many of us are thinking more and more about the environmental impacts of our daily choices. From the design of the project to the materials we choose, we carefully consider our operation’s environmental impact, so your choices can have a big impact.

Taking a ‘green’ approach to your building project often costs very little and can make a difference, not only in regard to our impact on the environment but, also in the longer-term operational and maintenance costs. Our options have expanded enormously in recent years.

To take advantage of this increase in new materials and design principles ask us about our Green Building practices for your next project.